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The Atlantic City A New Beginning Scholarship

Posted on December 29, 2017 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (3)

(Atlantic City, NJ) - Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian said Thursday, “When I first became Mayor, having a scholarship that provided Atlantic City residents an opportunity to further their education beyond high school was extremely important to me. That is why I dedicated my first inaugural ball towards raising funds for a scholarship endowment at Atlantic City Cape Community College. We called the scholarship Mayor Don Guardian’s “A New Beginning” Scholarship. Since 2014, we have raised $300,000, with $200,000 being invested into an endowment account. As of 2017, a total of $7,000 has been accrued in interest from that endowment account. The remaining $100,000 was drawn down to be used for award scholarships.

From 2014 until 2017, a total of $60,006.90 was awarded in scholarship money to over 25 students who were eligible as of October 2017. I hope and pray that these scholarships played a small role in helping these students ease their financial burden. Going forward, I requested that the residual $49,193.10 be added to the remaining $200,000 endowment account to be used for future scholarships. Education is the key to breaking poverty, and I hope I did my small part in helping to lift the next generation of Atlantic City residents out of poverty.”

Eligibility Requirements:

• Reside in Atlantic City for two years prior to enrolling at Atlantic Cape

• Demonstrate financial need

• Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5

• Enrolled at Atlantic Cape Community College

• Complete Free Application For Student Financial Aid

• Submit a scholarship application


• Based on applicant ability to meet eligibility requirements

• Up to $2,000 per semester per student

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian Thanks the Director of Mayors Employment and Jobs Training Program

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(Atlantic City, NJ) - Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian said Thursday, “When I became Mayor four years ago, it was very important to me to make sure as many Atlantic City residents as possible were able to find meaningful employment. That mission became twice as important when several casinos suddenly closed in 2014.

I want to personally thank Eric Reynolds and his team of Marcus Wilson, Jessica Dawn, Dee Kelly, and Karen McCormick who made up the very successful “Mayor’s Employment & Jobs Training Program.” These dedicated men and women worked hard on my behalf for the last four years to find employment for Atlantic City residents. Together, they placed over 780 Atlantic County residents, with 445 of them being Atlantic City resident, into meaningful jobs since 2014.

This program has been a tremendous success since 2014 when I was able to persuade the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to give the City $400,000 to begin the program. With tremendous support from Senator Cory Booker, Senator Bob Menendez, and Congressman Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey Department of Labor Commissioner Bob Wirths, and many more, the funding has continued to support this vital service to our residents.

I have the utmost respect for Eric Reynolds and his team. I hope that the program continues with the next administration. It was very successful and benefited a lot of people in Atlantic City.”

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian Praises RPM Development for $15,000 Donation for Browns Park

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(Atlantic City, NJ) - Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian said Thursday, “I want to thank the RPM Development Group for donating a check of $15,000 for the improvement and betterment of Brown’s Park. We have some exciting plans for the park that will take place next year.

The current RPM Development housing project located at Drexel, Adriatic, Tennessee, & Ocean Avenues will include sixty-six units that will provide much needed workforce housing. The units will be consisting of 17 three bedroom units, 13 one unit bedroom units, and 36 two bedroom units, all of which will be handicap accessible.

During Phase II of the development of Brown’s Park, the $15,000 will be dedicated to build a picnic area on the south side of Brown’s Park. We will be putting 15 picnic tables, grilles for cooking out, and a washing station. We are so proud of how Brown’s Park has become a symbol for Atlantic City’s rebirth and future optimism.

Over the past four years, rebuilding the City’s parks and playgrounds has been a top priority for me. I knew from my experience as the Director of the Special Improvement Division that well-built and taken care of parks and playgrounds can dramatically change a community for the better. That is why we have rebuilt every basketball court in Atlantic City, and renovated the fields at Altman Field, Chelsea Heights Sports Field, Soccer Field at Texas Avenue Park, and the Boys and Girls Club.”

Atlantis Avenue Flood Gates Completed

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Atlantis Avenue Flood Gates Completed

to Address Neighborhood Drainage Issues

(Atlantic City, NJ) – Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian and federal officials held a ribbon cutting for the Atlantis Avenue Flood Gate Project today, marking the completion of the first phase of a major resiliency project to reduce nuisance flooding in Atlantic City’s neighborhoods.

Mayor Don Guardian stated, “The Baltic Avenue Canal was built in 1912 to provide a drainage system for entire area between the Expressway and the Inlet. By the 1960’s, the timber flood gates on each end of the canal no longer operated. It is great to see this system being rebuilt to 21st century standards to relieve flooding.”

The canal has two outlets with associated tide gates: one located at Atlantis Avenue and Beach Thorofare, and another at an open canal at Fisherman’s Park. Timber flood gates were originally designed to help control stormwater collected on Atlantic, Arctic, and Baltic Avenues, as well as surrounding streets. In the past, gates would be closed during high tide events to prevent the water from entering the system and flooding the City streets.

The Atlantis Avenue Flood Gate Project is part of a $12 million effort to rebuild the Baltic Avenue Canal. The timber flood gate has been replaced with a ten-foot-wide stainless-steel sluice gate with titanium bolts and a bronze connector. A diesel-fueled emergency generator will power the flood gate during power outages.

Mayor Guardian noted: “It is projects like this one that will help to raise the property values in Atlantic City. Nuisance flooding has been an issue for decades during high tides and storm events.”

The Baltic Avenue Canal is 9,700 feet long, over ten feet wide, and eight feet tall. It can store over 1.1 million cubic feet of stormwater when the flood gates are operational, serving a 775-acre drainage area that extends from Ducktown to the Inlet.

The Atlantis Avenue Flood Gate project was funded by the United State Economic Development Agency and Community Development Block Grant funds.

The other end of the canal at Fisherman’s Park is also being retrofitted with a new flood gate, a replaced bulkhead, 85 feet of new canal, and two pumps to evacuate the canal when the gates are closed to provide storage capacity for stormwater during flood events. This section of the project will be completed later this year. The Fisherman’s Park Project is fully funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other federal sources.

“Atlantic City has moved forward with many projects since Superstorm Sandy to make the City more resilient,” Mayor Guardian remarked.

Last week, the City opened the Phase 2 of the $50 million Absecon Inlet Seawall and Boardwalk reconstruction project. This project has been on the drawing board for more than twenty years. When fully complete in 2018, the Inlet neighborhood of the City will be armored with rock and steel bulkheads.

The City has been awarded grant funds from the Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, New Jersey Economic Development Authority, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Department of Transportation, and New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to leverage this massive project.

The City is also working with local properties owners who have had multiple flood claims to attract FEMA funds to help fund the elevation of their homes. Since homeowners cannot apply for this grant directly, the City has worked to submitted applications on their behalf. Later this week, a FEMA grant application will be submitted to fund the elevation of 25 homes in Atlantic City. This grant program is offered annually and property owners who are interested should contact the City’s Office of Emergency Management.

The City has secured $450,000 for emergency generators for the All Wars and PAL Buildings so that they can serve the neighborhoods during times of power outages.

On a larger scale, a grant from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has been awarded to the City to design a microgrid that would power critical facilities during power outages.

The Army Corps of Engineers and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection have partnered with the City to develop ways to protect the Chelsea Heights neighborhood. Due to the City’s persistence, these agencies have committed up to $14 million toward protecting this neighborhood.

Atlantic City is also working with the Army Corps and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to develop a coastal protection plan for the entire Back Bay area. The $3 million New Jersey Back Bays Coastal Storm Risk Management Study will develop solutions that reduce damages from coastal flooding.

Flooding issues on the Black Horse Pike have continued to be a priority for the Guardian Administration. The City is actively working with the New Jersey Department of Transportation, who has allocated $8.6 million for bulkhead and road elevation improvements on this State Highway. Construction is planned for 2019.

Jack Glasser Statement on immigration

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Atlantic County-NJ

This past October 29, 2017 the candidate for Atlantic County Sheriff and Mayor of the city of Somers Point , Mr. Jack Glasser  made a statement that If he gets elected “Atlantic County won’t be a Sanctuary County”. This statement filled the immigrant community with panic and desperation, especially the Latino community. Such statement prompted his team formed by: Joseph A. Odonoghhue, Dennis Munoz, Clifton Sudler Jr. and Mario Suarez to reach out to us as community leaders to discuss the recent statement .

According to his team, the statement was taken out of content. The team stated that what Mr. Glasser meant, was that they have to apply the law and prosecute the criminals. However, there will not be discrimination or harassment regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender or immigration status.

The team identified themselves as minorities of immigrants descendants and having immigrants relatives who understand the minority communities concerns on this matter..


Atlantic County-NJ

Este pasado 29 de Octubre, 2017 el candidato a Sheriff por Atlantic County y Mayor de la Ciudad de Somers Point. El Señor  Jack Glasser  hizo un comentario donde dice que “El Condado de Atlantic no va a ser una Ciudad Santuaria” ( Lugar donde se le brinda albergue a los inmigrantes indocumentados) lo que lleno a la comunidad inmigrante de pánico y desespero, especialmente a la comunidad latina.

Dicho comentario llevo a su equipo formado por: Joseph A. Odonoghue, Dennis Munoz, Clifton Sudler Jr., and Mario Suárez a convocarnos a un diálogo inmediato como líderes de la comunidad concerniente a dicho comentario ..

De acuerdo a su equipo, El comentario hecho por Mr. Glasser fue tomado fuera de contexto, ya que su significado es que ellos van a aplicar las leyes y los criminales serán juzgados. Por lo tanto, no va a ver persecuciones a los inmigrantes por su , raza, color, desendencia, sexo

o estatus migratorio.

El equipo se identificó como minorías, con familias y descendientes inmigrantes quienes entienden la comunidades minoritarias y sus problemas.

We met with Mr. Glasser’s immediate team composed by:


Ret. ACSO (Jack Glasser Aid)

40 years in Public Service


Former Egg harbor City Councilman


Ret. Lt. ACSO



CEO Island Sun Co. INC

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