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My Administration Made New Jersey Better

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My Administration Made New Jersey Better

—and It Wasn’t Easy

We cut taxes, held down spending, reformed pensions—and vetoed Democrats’ bad ideas.

Governor Chris Christi

Wall Street Journal

When I became governor of New Jersey in 2010, I inherited a fiscal mess. Because the previous administration had balanced the budget with a series of one-shot revenue gimmicks, my team faced an 18-month projected deficit of $13 billion. Property taxes had increased 70% in a decade. The top income tax rate was 10.75%, and a 4% corporate business tax surcharge sat atop New Jersey’s already high business tax. We had a 9.8% unemployment rate, and the unemployment insurance trust fund was more than $2 billion in debt.

That wasn’t all. For 14 straight years, New Jersey’s governors had starved the state pension system while granting ever larger pension benefits to public employees. For nearly a quarter-century the number of state employees—and their pay—had been well above the national average. When I arrived in Trenton, New Jersey was at a low point for private-sector employment, having shed 250,000 private-sector jobs in 2008-09 and netting zero new private-sector jobs from 2001-09.

How do you dig out of that kind of hole in one of the bluest states in America?

First, my administration enforced fiscal responsibility in its annual budgets. We balanced that $13 billion deficit by cutting spending and eliminating more than 100 programs. We reduced the use of one-shot revenues from 13.2% of the budget in 2010 to 1.6% in 2017. We constrained discretionary spending over the last eight years so that in real dollars, New Jersey state government spends $2 billion less today in discretionary spending than it did nine years ago. We reduced the number of state employees through attrition by more than 10,000 over my two terms.

Second, we introduced conservative tax policies to the highest-taxed state in America, according to the Tax Foundation. We passed 2% annual caps on property taxes (with three exceptions) and arbitration awards for police and fire salaries, saving homeowners $2.9 billion in property taxes over seven years, cutting 30,000 employees at the local level and paring back salary increases by more $500 million. Property taxes that were rising 7% per year when I took office, have risen only 2.1% per year since 2011. We cut business taxes by $3 billion. We eliminated that corporate tax surcharge, cut the top income tax rate from 10.75% to 8.97% and paid the debt in the unemployment insurance fund. We cut the sales tax from 7% to 6.675%, increased the earned income tax credit from 25% to 35%, gave retirees a $100,000 state tax exemption on retirement income, and completely eliminated the worst estate tax in America. We managed to pass all this with a Democratic legislature, while at the same time vetoing 11 proposed tax increases.

Third, we aggressively reformed an underfunded pension system. In 2011, we passed pension and benefit reform that eliminated cost-of-living adjustments and saved state and local governments $120 billion over 30 years. We changed an irresponsible 8.25% assumed rate of return for the pension system to 7.65%. We also increased pension funding, contributing $8.8 billion over eight years—more than double the amount contributed by the last five governors combined. We irrevocably contributed the state lottery as an asset to the pension system, reducing the unfunded liability by $13.5 billion and guaranteeing $37 billion in contributions over 30 years. We have not fixed the whole pension problem, but a combination of reforms, increased contributions and realistic rates of return has stopped the bleeding.

These steps, taken together, have produced real economic results. New Jersey’s unemployment rate is down by more than half since 2012, from 9.8% to 4.7%. We restored the state’s private sector to health, with 318,000 new jobs created since 2010. More Garden State residents are currently employed than at any other time in New Jersey’s history.

My administration has made progress in other areas as well. We doubled the number of charter-school seats and passed tenure reforms allowing principals to fire ineffective teachers. Our criminal-justice reforms have reduced the prison population in New Jersey and enabled the closing of two state prisons. Finally, we stopped all kinds of bad ideas coming out of the Democratic legislature, vetoing a record 584 bills so far, without a single override.

Of course my administration couldn’t fix all the problems we inherited, but there is no question that New Jersey is a lower-taxed, more fiscally responsible and more conservative state than it was eight years ago. Anyone who says otherwise encourages the type of absolutism that is currently causing the tumult in Washington and doesn’t know the facts.

Jack Glasser Statement on immigration

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Atlantic County-NJ

This past October 29, 2017 the candidate for Atlantic County Sheriff and Mayor of the city of Somers Point , Mr. Jack Glasser  made a statement that If he gets elected “Atlantic County won’t be a Sanctuary County”. This statement filled the immigrant community with panic and desperation, especially the Latino community. Such statement prompted his team formed by: Joseph A. Odonoghhue, Dennis Munoz, Clifton Sudler Jr. and Mario Suarez to reach out to us as community leaders to discuss the recent statement .

According to his team, the statement was taken out of content. The team stated that what Mr. Glasser meant, was that they have to apply the law and prosecute the criminals. However, there will not be discrimination or harassment regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender or immigration status.

The team identified themselves as minorities of immigrants descendants and having immigrants relatives who understand the minority communities concerns on this matter..


Atlantic County-NJ

Este pasado 29 de Octubre, 2017 el candidato a Sheriff por Atlantic County y Mayor de la Ciudad de Somers Point. El Señor  Jack Glasser  hizo un comentario donde dice que “El Condado de Atlantic no va a ser una Ciudad Santuaria” ( Lugar donde se le brinda albergue a los inmigrantes indocumentados) lo que lleno a la comunidad inmigrante de pánico y desespero, especialmente a la comunidad latina.

Dicho comentario llevo a su equipo formado por: Joseph A. Odonoghue, Dennis Munoz, Clifton Sudler Jr., and Mario Suárez a convocarnos a un diálogo inmediato como líderes de la comunidad concerniente a dicho comentario ..

De acuerdo a su equipo, El comentario hecho por Mr. Glasser fue tomado fuera de contexto, ya que su significado es que ellos van a aplicar las leyes y los criminales serán juzgados. Por lo tanto, no va a ver persecuciones a los inmigrantes por su , raza, color, desendencia, sexo

o estatus migratorio.

El equipo se identificó como minorías, con familias y descendientes inmigrantes quienes entienden la comunidades minoritarias y sus problemas.

We met with Mr. Glasser’s immediate team composed by:


Ret. ACSO (Jack Glasser Aid)

40 years in Public Service


Former Egg harbor City Councilman


Ret. Lt. ACSO



CEO Island Sun Co. INC

Escritora Libre:


Staff Write The Society Page n Espanol

Rev. Jorge & Yadira Estrada ENDORSE THE CHRIS BROWN TEAM

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CRES Ministries

is proud to announce that it is supporting the team of Chris Brown for Senator, Vince Sera and Brenda Taube for State Assembly.

We see a bright future for the State of New Jersey under their leadership. A future of family values, better jobs and

great education. We here in NJ don't need leaders with titles, but leaders who can influence others, by there

character and integrity. That's why we support the Brown, Sera, Taube Team.

Pastor Jorge Estrada

Rev. Jorge & Yadira Estrada. CRES MINISTRIES.

A real hero who walks with actions and not have special powers. just a big heart Greta Parrott Schwartz

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Revolution for Mental Health Care

Greta Parrott Schwartz

Monday, May 30, 2016 Ocean VIEW, NJ

This history have moments the will changes people lives, and will make every one think twice about. A real every days heroes that have the own history, people want to know what is the history behind Greta Parrott Schwartz and the casket the she is pulling with her own hands and body and this trajectory that for her is a challenge, but she inside her spirit know that this challenge only is a tournament that just beginning in her and millions the struggle with Mental health care.

We are in a CRISIS in this country in New Jersey, due to inadequate mental health care. Children who are suicidal are given at most a week of care! Veterans are committing 22 suicides a day! Our prisons are overflowing with people suffering from mental illness who can't get help.

Mental illness is NO DIFFERENT than physical illness and should be treated as such by the insurance companies. In this crucial election year I am hoping to bring media attention to this issue and force the politicians to deal with this crisis. It is time to stop the stigma. It is time to stop the shame. It is time for a REVOLUTION! This Memorial Day Greta Parrott Schwartz will be walking over 100 miles to the New Jersey State Capitol Building pulling a casket which will represent all those who's lives have been cut short by this terrible illness. All funds raised will go towards this continuing cause in partnership with other non-profits. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Sure! Planning to arrive at noon Wed at the State House. Monday May 30, 2016 around 5:30am Greta start her challenge, and is Tuesday today 5:30 am in the morning again and she is walking with a casket walking again one person only In the street walking from Ocean view New Jersey to Trenton New Jersey State Capitol.


This update of this history that only begin Where is Greta and her Casket NOW.

Every hour we will tell you, with pictures about the early update and much more.

Today Greta Parrott Schwartz is walking from Hammonton NJ, somebody in the street will look and say, What she is doing ? Why She is doing that? And where she is going? Don't worry we have all the Update, but you should do you part. and Go to:

And Remember